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The fit of a breast form is only as good as the fit of a bra. Bras are made in many different styles with many different features. Not every bra will fit every person the same. This is more reason to be fitted by a professional.
    At Commenci we offer bras from all the major brands. Bras can have the following features - lace, no lace, underwire, soft cup, padded cups, preformed cups and seamless. Also in camisoles, front closure bras, sports bras and lesure bras.






     At Commenci we offer standard or lightweight breast forms. In addition some breast forms have special features such as self adhesive atachables, climate control technology, and moldable gel backs to provide better fit and comfort.

    Todays breast forms provide a remarkable fit and come as close to replacing a womans natural breast as possible without surgury. While wearing a breast form helps a womans body image, it also plays an important medical role. Wearing a correctly fitting breast form that matches the remaining breast in size and shape helps to replace the breast weight, and keeps the body's equalibrium and allignment evenly balanced. Not replacing the lost breast tissue weight over time can cause back, neck and sholder problems. There are standard breast forms that match the weight of the natural breast. Lightweight breast forms can be 25-35% lighter than the standard silicone forms but can still provide adiquate weight and balance for the opposite breast.






 We all need a little pick me up now and then! For that we have an assortment of jewlery, purses, wraps, nightshirts, and other feel good items. Our selection of "pink ribbon" items are always available.